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    PsyKe Out - The PsyTrance Internet Radio Show Archive

    PsyKe Out in its many years featured many guest artists and DJ's from around Australia and abroad. This show is no longer on air. Here is a review of the history of the show over the years it ran. 2007:
    This year only saw shows up and until April that year. As Cyberwlf commenced his international travels from the start of May he was without the required gear to do the show. The show has since been put on hold, but the shows host has been playing at club nights and festivals throughout the UK and Europe since his departure from Australia. 2006:
    This year resulted in the shows growth in popularity (with over 200 registered users on the site and over 1000 visitors per week) as well as growth in what the site offered people in addition to the quality music already being offered by this long running PsyTrance music show. We once again brought new labels onto the show with support by innovative new labels which pushed the boundaries of psychedelic trance music. Over the year we covered Nabi, D-A-R-K, PsyShark, Parvati, Manic Dragon, Sonic Dragon, Sundance Recs and more! PsyKe Out also played host to the outdoor Australian Doof experience Perpetual Apparitions which featured a mixture of psychedelic live acts and djs. 2005:
    Without question 2005 saw the biggest growth in this shows content and presence since it initially commenced in 2001. During the year over many shows we showcased a variety of PsyTrance record labels, djs, and artists. It also saw the proper introduction of this website, the introduction of podcast support, the addition of party photos, forums, and much more! In that time we covered labels including Parvati, Doof, Manic Dragon and Sonic Dragon, Sundance, Ketuh, and more. PsyKe Out also played host via it's Psykedelic Therapy events to two special indoor charity events which raised generous sums of money for two different charities. 2004:
    2004 graced with a special show showcasing another new Australian label Electric Power Pole Records, another guest DJ set by Fiba Optix, as well as a very special over 3 hour edition show where we featured exclusive and live DJ sets by re-psycle (aka Neuron Compost/Contra Coup) (Byron Bay) and Redline (Melbourne). Once again we also featured an album care of Loopus In Fabula, but this time presenting us with something different through the interesting and diverse compilation of eclectic psychedelic trance music called Ultrapop. 2003-2001:
    From the shows debut guest sets in these years included KRiZ (Adelaide/Byron Bay), Fiba Optix, McBain, Ziphus, T-Quest's DJ's DarkChild and Galaktik, Ritchie Jay, Jaimz (saikosounds.com), Wodgerwant, and others. As well as this, showcasing music by the likes of Loopus In Fabula (Italy), Sun Control Species (Byron Bay/Melbourne), Hexadecimal (Brisbane), Oblongmonster (Sydney), and more. We also featured the Australian Psychedelic music label Tempest Recordings.

    Greetz go out to our friends from the home of Atatürk who recently paid a visit to this site! ;)

    Cyberwlf available for gigs once again in UK & Europe

    PsyKe Out's DJ and Host Cyberwlf (Nabi Records/DARK Records) is available for gigs in the UK and throughout Europe once again! You can check out DJ Cyberwlf's profile via MySpace. You can email him at bookings (at) psykeout.net for booking enquiries!

    Cyberwlf is now back in the UK since the start of March 2009 after spending six months travelling and playing gigs in Europe and Australia.



      Show News We're now on Facebook... kinda!

    Unfortunately nothing much to report here really, but for those interested we have decided to create a Facebook page that discusses the history of this show.

    You can check out the Facebook PsyKe Out page via this link!

    PS. For those who discover broken links within the downloads area of the site, please click on the link alongside the download to report it as broken and we will remove it when we get the chance. Thanks! :-)
      Posted by Cyberwlfon Saturday, March 17 @ 11:46:17 MST (1170 reads)
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      Other News New Doof Photography added

    We have finally added links to the photos taken by DJ Cyberwlf at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2009 in Australia and at BooM Festival 2010 in Portugal to this site.

    Check out the Doof Pixs section on the right hand side of this page if you feeling like having a look!
      Posted by Cyberwlfon Monday, September 06 @ 17:35:55 MST (1410 reads)
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      Show News PsyKe Out set to take on Twitter

    Well not really, but those on Twitter can now find the tweeting location for this web site now with its own little home on there.

    http://twitter.com/PsyKeOut is where you need to direct your browsers to so you can follow us! There is no promise as to frequency of updates, but if we have something we feel like posting there, you'll find it ;)
      Posted by Cyberwlfon Saturday, August 15 @ 08:28:12 MST (1745 reads)
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      Other News A new poll! ;)

    With the existing poll almost reaching 1,000 votes and a topic that has yet to been covered here over the years now is up as a new poll on this site!

    So feel free to pick from one of the selections available (even though it can be hard to pick just one for many people..) and put in your 2c/2p/etc with a vote.
      Posted by Cyberwlfon Friday, May 08 @ 17:13:51 MST (1866 reads)
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      Music to Download New Mix Set Available!

    For those yet to visit the Downloads section, or have not checked it out in a while now is a good chance to do so!

    After much delay PsyKe Out's DJ Cyberwlf in March this year assembled a new promo recording of Nabi Record's last digital only release of the compilation International PsyTrance Association. We added it to the podcast, so if you didn't get it via there you can still grab it via this website!

    Simply jump on over to the Other Sets section of the site to grab this set! (We're even offering an Ogg Encoded version of the recording for those who prefer it over MP3s)
      Posted by Cyberwlfon Friday, April 03 @ 15:30:59 MST (2060 reads)
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      Show News So the time has come..

    We would like to tell you we have a whole bunch of new shows that are in the works, but we don't. Despite having new gear, and after much procrastination the decision for now is that the show is now officially on hold (as a change from unofficially!).

    Cyberwlf already has a few new mix sets planned to be recorded which will feature on here in the future, and we still hope to have the occasional guest feature. But in the meantime, if you're an artist or DJ feel free to plug yourself in the forum section of this site!

    Thanks for all your support to date and keep the psychedelic spirit alive!
      Posted by Cyberwlfon Monday, June 16 @ 07:39:18 MST (2219 reads)
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      Show News News update

    Cyberwlf has just acquired new and more modern gear to replace the older damaged equipment so recording can resume once again! In other news PsyKe Out's DJ Cyberwlf will be playing at Psyclone in Cambridge, England on the 22nd March, at Psycle in Nottingham, England on the 10th May, and at MessMedia FranceTrance 3 Festival in Carcassone, France on the 30th May..
      Posted by Cyberwlfon Thursday, January 24 @ 18:00:37 MST (2563 reads)
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      Show News Back in the UK (...the psytrance remix!)

    Cyberwlf has now returned to the UK after spending the last few months touring throughout Europe.

    After some discussions with the long-established Internet Radio station Triplag, we have agreed that when the show resumes broadcasting near the start of 2008 again, we will now be broadcasting weekly via that station. Stay tuned for updates!

    In other news Nabi Records have now just finished revamping their website, and have now launched the new album by the trio known as Wooden Monsters (which incorporates the likes of Acid Goblin).

    The new site also features the ability to purchase and download various releases from the Nabi Records back catalogue as well as some new exclusive material too.
      Posted by Cyberwlfon Thursday, December 06 @ 19:49:09 MST (2748 reads)
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      Other News Some new releases to check out

    Bit of release news for people here. A few newer compilations worthy of highlighting here include the following releases from long-time PsyKe Out supporters:

    Screams of Nature from DARK Records is out now! Whilst Nabi Records Deep Mental Trauma Volume 2 is due out this week, and Parvati Record's No Time No Space due out next week!
      Posted by Cyberwlfon Wednesday, September 05 @ 14:35:31 MST (3053 reads)
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      Other News Video about PsyTrance

    A friend of PsyKe Out, DJ and Promoter Bounce, has recently produced a mini-documentary video featuring an interview with a DJ/producer from the Australian PsyTrance scene, discussing the music and the parties. Those interested in checking out it can view it here!
      Posted by Cyberwlfon Tuesday, September 04 @ 04:41:07 MST (2849 reads)
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    PsyKe Out Podcast Now Available

    Subscribe to the PsyKe Out Podcast!!
    Subscribe to the PsyKe Out Podcast!!

    Keep upto date with all the latest episodes of the PsyKe Out PsyTrance radio show which are available to download for free by subscribing to the Podcast stream! Only select episodes are put on-line, but you can be sure to find new shows over the period of the year to grab.

    Those with a Podcast client installed only need to just grab the following address and add in a new feed by entering this: http://www.PsyKeOut.net/podcast.rss

    Need a Podcast Client? Check out the iPodder website and grab something for your system. Those using Macintosh OS X, Windows, or Linux can grab this great program for free at the iPodder SourceForge website. Those with iTunes 5 (or newer) can also subscribe to Podcasts with it!

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