So the time has come..
Date: Monday, June 16 @ 07:39:18 MST
Topic: Show News

We would like to tell you we have a whole bunch of new shows that are in the works, but we don't. Despite having new gear, and after much procrastination the decision for now is that the show is now officially on hold (as a change from unofficially!).

Cyberwlf already has a few new mix sets planned to be recorded which will feature on here in the future, and we still hope to have the occasional guest feature. But in the meantime, if you're an artist or DJ feel free to plug yourself in the forum section of this site!

Thanks for all your support to date and keep the psychedelic spirit alive!

In other news, PsyKe Out's DJ Cyberwlf has recently been confirmed to play at a PsyTrance festival in Prague, Czech Republic from the 29th-31st August 2008, as well as a set at a party on the weekend of his return to Australia, the 29th November.

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